A Collective Responsibility Scoring Model


This Model aims to address the issue of unsportsperson behavior by holding teams accountable through an evaluation option which rates the SPIRIT of the each team.

SPIRIT value is a STAR rating (where 5 stars is excellent and 1 star is poor) of each team’s SPIRIT of the game (which there is comprehensive and ongoing training provided to Clubs as well as readily available resources with guide how to identify SPIRIT).

For the match, each team self-evaluates their ‘SPIRIT of the game’ then they evaluate the opposing team’s ‘SPIRIT of the game’, the umpires will also evaluate each team’s ‘SPIRIT of the game’.

All evaluation is done through the ‘SPIRIT of the game’ Website or phone APP anytime before 9pm the following day. By allowing teams and umpires to grade other teams on their SPIRIT of the game, it gives voice to those wanting to identify and hold accountable regular and continued unsportspersonship behavior by teams.

Consequently, supporters, officials and others involved with a team will then feel compelled to remind an unruly coach, spectator, official or even player that their unsportspersonship behavior could cost the team with a financial fine or impact that teams ladder position as well as other penalty as determined by the league.

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